Photovoltaic solar systems assembly

Photovoltaic solar systems assembly

Our team is ready to build your photovoltaic solar plant project on any surface, using any construction type. As a contractor, we provide fully qualified, equipped, and organized teams that get the PV projects done reliably, from A to Z. Always according to the documentation and schedule.

Solar projects development phases we can handle

We can collaborate as a contractor at a specific phase of your solar project development. You decide, we execute.

  1. Excavating and trenching works
  2. Ramming and piling
  3. PV system base construction assembly
  4. PV modules assembly
  5. AC & DC cabling
  6. Inverters installation and electrical works

Experience that matters

Years of experience and over 1000 MW of power installed have allowed us to master PV systems assembly using the most common construction systems and the latest technologies. You can count on us for installation of:

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